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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Time Out For Parents, The Reality Side To It!

Taking time out for yourself can be difficult when you're a parent, yet so many experts claim it's a must, we must have a break, we must have some time for ourselves, we must have at least an hour to ourselves a week and so on. Sometimes, I wonder what planets these experts live on!? Do they live on earth, because it seems much more likely that they live on mars!

You see, me, my partner and youngest daughter live four hours away from the rest of our family, and even when we lived closer to them, my youngest daughter never wanted to be away from us, she would be happy to take a trip to town with my eldest daughters, but only because she knew there was something in it for her, like a new game or toy!

So yes, having a break is not always easy, I'm lucky that I have my partner, but what about those single parents, the ones who have no one!? What can they do!? Luckily, me and my partner are able to enjoy some adult alone time together, we mainly go with the option of watching a film, but at our age, its rare for us to both stay awake at the same time, it's not often we see the credits rolling together, one of us has normally fallen asleep by then!

One activity we do like to enjoy together is games, neither of us are keen on Monopoly due to the time it takes to complete, and if it means packing up, and leaving the game until another day, none of us are in the mood to finish it! One type of game we're both fond of is free games on slot sites, we're both competitive and both try our hardest to be the biggest of winners, without parting with a penny!

When my children and grandchildren come to visit us, our entertainment is rather different, my daughters have various apps on their phones, and my grandchildren love to get nanny involved, they show me hilarious video's and make me sing songs that they can convert my voice on, if I didn't sound like a drowned cat already, my grandchildren have these brilliant apps that have different sound effects!

We also all chip in and order a big massive chinese, followed by some goodies for both the children and adults. Myself and my partner aren't big drinkers, but when my older children come down, they always treat their mum to a bottle of wine, it might last me all week, but it's lovely to enjoy a drink with them!

I offer to look after my grandchildren so my daughters and their partners can go out and check the local nightlight, but with only two pubs and one club in the town, they're often back by 9pm, and then we catch up on the soaps if we've not already watched them, and if that isn't entertainment, there is always a pack of playing cards laying about.

Having fun isn't all about fancy dates and luxurious holidays, I want people to know that it's okay to not have these things. My date nights always include my youngest daughter, and my entertainment is always with my family, or by myself. Life isn't about the fancy things, but instead the things and people that make you happy!

M x

Friday, 30 October 2015

Making Plans for Christmas 2016!

Christmas 2015 is less than two months away now, so it may come as a shock to some that I am already planning for Christmas 2016 already! I can reassure you all, that I am not mad, however I am being sane and thinking of the possibilities that could arrive without warning! Plus, surely it's better to be prepared instead of leaving it for next year!?

Saving up a few pounds a week in a money jar you keep in the house somewhere might be a good idea, but if one day you're finding yourself short for that particular week, it's easy to raid the piggy bank, promise to replace it, but fail too. We've all done it, and that is why now, I only save 1ps and 2ps in a money jar!

Instead, once a week, I top up mine and my partners prepaid cards knowing I have no spare pounds lying around in my purse. Some of you may read this and think you'll only go and spend the money on the cards, however, I actually don't do this. All year round, I act like I don't have the cards, and then wait until nearer to Christmas before I start to use them.

This year, I also started buying saving stamps and saving on a card for my local supermarkets, every time I get my shopping, I buy one or two stamps, priced at a pound each, and add them to the collection, for the other supermarket, I round up my shopping plus a pound and add that to my savings card. For example, if my shopping comes to £36.23 I'll add £1.77 to my savings card, making the total of the shop £38.

In January, I am planning to hit the shops for wrapping paper and christmas card sales, as well as any present's I can pick up! As long as they're not food presents, why shouldn't they last until next year? The answer is obvious, they can and will last, and what's more, is they won't cost the full price!

Of course, sales happen all year round, so I'm hoping to pick up bits all year round, and hopefully make Christmas a little less stressful for myself!

M x

Our Latest Cruise Plans.

If you've started following me on YouTube you'll know that it's no secret that I love cruises, and have always dreamed of going on a cruise all my life. Now I am nearing to the middle age in life, I'm hoping to make my dreams a reality and get on a cruise ship to discover the beautiful sea's! We've done the Norfolk broads, but it wasn't on a cruise ship, and it wasn't getting to see the beautiful sea!

My older children never see a fascination in a cruise ship when they was younger, and to respect and protect their happiness, we never went on one. However, now my three other children are grown up, with two of them having families of themselves, and it only being me, my partner and youngest daughter at home, we've been grabbing every cruise brochure we can get our hands on, and began planning our dreams!

Many people think you're stuck on a cruise, with not a lot to do, however, there is plenty to do on cruises, both on board, and off! For example, my partner and daughter would love to play golf in Bali when we'd arrive at the Bali port, and I'd love to stop at a local market, picking up a handmade ornament for my mum.

There's of course a lot more to do than shopping, which is what I know my oldest daughters would love the most, there's the history of the places you'd visit, the local traditions, the diversity and differences between what we love, and without backpacking around the world, which is not an option of mine, a cruise is a two in one for places I'd love to visit.

There are some amazing cruise ships out there, ones that hold thousands of people and ones that could carry over 100 double decker buses they're that big! I imagine us being on our very own floating island, with shops, bars and even a swimming pool! Entertainment for the children, adults and ones for the whole family!

We'd get to have a rest from cooking as the cruises chefs would cook our dinners every day, and as for cleaning, there wouldn't be any, what a lovely break it would be! Talking about cleaning, I better get off and clean up the kitchen, me and the youngest have been making chocolate brownies all day for the trick or treaters! They do it much differently here in Cornwall, youngest loves it!

M x

Thursday, 6 August 2015

How to Solve Your Parental Problems with a Mobile Monitoring app

Many parents fear that tracking their kid’s activities would bring in rivalry and retaliation. This is a scary world and you can let your children on their own. However, you don’t really have to be physically with them all time. It’s not only impossible but can also be annoying for the kids.

Let’s say your 13 year old son wants to go out cycling with his friends. How would you know about his whereabouts? If he was carrying a smartphone, then there is a lot you can do with a mobile monitoring app. You can access their smartphone with live GPS tracking with something like XNSPY.

Is Smartphone Monitoring Effective?

Yes, if you are considering something like XNSPY, which is powerful, effective and accurate. It’s a software that can be installed in your kid’s smartphone. You can do that by downloading the app from their website. Also, you will need physical access to your kid’s smartphone for a minute or two, that’s how long it takes for installation. You child cannot uninstall the app from the phone without your permission. Nor can they deactivate the XNSPY’s services from their cell phone.

What Features Does XNSPY Offer

You get a complete GPS tracking experience like Real-time location tracking, location history and Geo-fencing with this smartphone monitoring app. What you will find very amazing is the last feature, which can help you restrict your kids from going into inappropriate places. Any place that you consider is not safe or right for them, you can mark it unauthorized on the map. The rest can be left as ‘safe areas’.

XNSPY’s cell phone monitoring app can also be used to monitor certain features of the target smartphone. It can lock the device, wipe stored data or can be used to send certain commands onto the device.

What’s very amazing is that it can access every tiny bit of information from the smartphones. Calls and SMS tracker allows you to track their calls and SMS conversations. IM chats from Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line and Skype are also accessible with complete contacts’ details and time tags.

If you think your teen use emails a lot for communicating, you can also track them. You can totally rely on XNSPY’s mobile monitoring app

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Making The Most Out Of Small Bathroom Spaces.

Making the most out of small places can be quite the challenge. If you're not making the room too dull, you're making it look too crowded and making the space look even more smaller then what it is. We have quite a small bathroom here at home, and so, to maximise the space and to get the most out of our bathroom, we've been making mood boards to show how we believe we can make the most out of our bathroom.

Too often I see plain white bathrooms, with white accessories and wonder why you would want every single item in your restroom to be white? Although I'm not too comfortable wearing bright colours, or colours at all in that case, I do love splashing the colour around my home, even in the bathroom!

However, when I'm having a nice relaxing bath, I don't want to be staring at bright pinks, yellows and oranges, instead I want calming colours, but I also want it to be stylish. Having cream featured nearly everywhere in my home, I understand why so many bathrooms are white, but that doesn't mean I want my bathroom to be white.

I'd paint my bathroom a nice pale teal colour, and accessorise with white and other coloured accessories such as the items featured above! I should've mentioned previously that I live by the sea, and the nautical theme has become a theme I well and truly love, but surprisingly I don't have any nautical themed rooms or even accessories in my home (yet!).

I'd love to jazz things up a little and make it a stylish but themed bathroom, I love the silver style toilet roll holder due to it's unique shape, but sadly don't like the price tag attached to it! On the other hand though Lumino mirrors do these illuminated mirrors for your bathroom at a steal grabbing price like the one pictured!

Although we don't have a shower, I'm thinking of putting a shower curtain up to maximise the small space of the bathroom. It won't take any space away, but will instead add colour as will the light pull which is a steal at just £2! Who wants a plain old white cord? Me previously, until I hit a certain age and vowed I'd add more colour into my life!

Last but not least, the beautiful bathroom tiles with baby teal stripes going across them would look beautiful as a middle row of tiles! They also have the letter M right smack bang in the middle, which is my initial, so I and other members of the family would always know that it was me who decorated and gave the wonderful bathroom makeover!

M x

Thursday, 28 May 2015

5 Ways On How To Save Money.

In today’s day and age, money is getting smaller in terms of value, whilst products become more expensive. My youngest child G is at that age where she thinks I can magic money from my pockets without no value to it, and so it’s become the latest talk of subjects recently. I've always taught my children to try and be wise with their money, and try to make it stretch as far as possible!

After having a good, hour long at least conversation with G earlier, I thought I would share it with my readers and show you how I make my money stretch as far as possible!

Online shopping.

Shopping online is not only easier and quicker than shopping on the high street, but it’s also a lot more cheaper than shopping in the shops! Comparing prices between different retailers is  a lot more easier to do online, but what’s even better is discovering online retailers who sell at a fraction of the cost of their high street competitors, one of my favourite online retailers has to be Just My Look, not only for their excellent prices, but also because of their great range of products!

Sell your unwanted products.

I’m trying to encourage G to start selling anything she doesn't use any more, she’s just recently become a teenager and has boxes of un-played with toys sat under her bed and in the attic. Find local car boot sales and buy a pitch for as cheap as chips, then make the money back that you've spent on the pitch, plus more by selling your old, unused and unwanted products! Alternatively, you can sell on local social media sites, in local newspapers or even by advertising in local shop windows.

Always check out the reduced section when shopping.

Whenever I go food shopping - because I tend to do it online to stop me buying stuff which isn’t needed nor on my list (check out the next paragraph), I always check out each sections reduced section, in the chilled section you’ll normally find yoghurt's which can be frozen, but before they’re frozen, make sure you pop a brand new lolly stick (available to buy for under £1 from craft/cake shops) through the lid before it freezes! Then when it’s frozen, you just peel back the lid and you have a DIY frozen lolly! You can also pick up great pieces of meat and season fruit and veg in the reduced sections, along with bakery products!

Only buy what's on your list!

Going to a supermarket or shop without a list of things that you do need can be a pricey trip if you’re not careful! Supermarkets are especially bad for drawing us in to products by putting a price cut label next to a product, but how much are you actually saving on those tin of beans? Do you really need another tin of beans to accompany the tins you've already got at home in the kitchen cupboard? Write a list before you go shopping and make sure you stick to it!

Make the most of the good weather.

We all have loads of washing to do don't we? Especially households with working people and children in it, such as mine! It doesn't matter how many loads of washing I do, the washing basket is never ever empty! Using the washing machine alone is a small expense, but tumble dryers are even worse! When the weather is nice, try to dry as many clothes on the line as you can! If the weather is not too great, why not pop them on your airer instead? If you've not got a washing line, or access to a garden, clothes airers are sold for as little as £10 and can save a small fortune in electric cost due to tumble drying your clothes!

I’d love to read any tips you have, and hope you find mine helpful.

M x

The Importance Of Oral Hygiene.

Reading recent news articles about children’s oral hygiene and how many children are being admitted to hospital to have teeth removed has been quite upsetting. As a child, I was taught about the importance of keeping your teeth and I've always encouraged my children to do the same with their teeth.

Understandably it’s not always down to poor oral health hygiene that some oral problems appear from, sometimes through no fault of our own, health problems can occur. I have a dear friend who has the pearliest pearl of white teeth, however she suffers quite bad with gum disease, something that may could've been prevented, but something that can also occur by itself.

I’ve not got the most best of teeth myself, being a smoker for many years of my life until I gave up over 10 years ago has took it’s toll on my mouth, so has all the cups of tea and coffee I've consumed over the years, along with all the sugary snacks thanks to my ‘sweet tooth’. According to The Centre Of Advanced Dentistry Yorkshire the average woman smiles 62 times a day, and with that information, I can tell you now I must not be that average woman.

I'm not embarrassed about my smile, nor am I proud of it, it’s a smile I've got to live with until I win the lottery and can afford a new set of fresh whites! However, the chances of that happening is rather quite small, especially as I don't even always do the lottery, you know what they say you've got to be in it to win it!

My mother always use to say to me when I was a child that dentistry is not expensive, neglect is, and it’s only now that I am in my 40’s myself, and not extremely happy with the set of nashers I have, that I can relate to the quote and why my mother told me it so often. It’s safe to say I've lived life, and have eaten a lot of the wrong types of food over the years, I even went through a stage of drinking three cans of cola a week, something which is not good for your teeth at all!

If I could go back in life, I think I’d live a Willy Wonka lifestyle, before he was a factory owner of course, he had the most perfect of teeth due to his strict dentist father being extremely strict on what kind of food and drink he put into his mouth!

They do say a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear, and so I think it’s time I start making myself more pretty, I'm going to start wearing my smile, and be proud of the smile I have got! Remember dental hygiene is equally as important as body hygiene, it’s not something you should ever forget, if you do pull that old chestnut of an excuse on a few too often basis, why not try leaving a note in the bathroom somewhere, you use the toilet every morning and before you go to bed surely?

There’s never no excuse to look after your smile!

M x

Treating My Special Loved Ones!

It will soon be the school summer holidays for children in England and I for one am extremely looking forward to them approaching! I've got a countdown calendar on my laptop and phone screen letting me know exactly how many days it is until the holidays start. I'm not excited because I am a older learner who’s at college or university, I think I've done everything I can education wise over the years attending various courses all over the country, I'm excited because I get to see my two daughters and my three grandsons in the summer holidays, one of the very few times a year I get to see them, and they get to see me.

It wasn't the easiest of decisions moving to Cornwall a few years ago, four hours away from my hometown Reading, not that I miss the town I was raised in at all, but I do miss my small family, especially my children and grandchildren! For many years, I had enough of Reading, but living here in Cornwall makes me a much happier person, and everyone notices it. It’s not just me who’s happier being here too, it’s also my partner and our child, my youngest child who’s 13!

My older three children who live in Reading still, Jamie (aged 22), Jade (aged 25) and Paula (aged 30) love coming down here whenever they can, and so does my grandchildren, Jade has one son and Paula has two! Jamie is yet to become a daddy, but I'm sure when he does his child/children will love it down here just as much as the others do! It’s a free holiday for them, they've not got to fork out on accommodation or food, entertainment or anything else you may pay out for on a holiday, they just need to get here which cost a little bit of petrol money!

On there way to see Nanny! A four hour drive!
Back at the beginning of the year, I moved homes to a smaller property than the one I was in before, and now the summer holidays are fast approaching, I've been trying to mentally picture where everyone will be sleeping when they come down for their stay! I then come across a lovely selection of childrens beds from room to grow and thought I would surprise the grandchildren with not one, but two sets of bunk beds for when they come down and visit their nanny!

I miss my children and grandchildren dearly, I know my girls are going to tell me off when they see the surprises I got for them too, but I couldn't help it! I'm lucky enough that the children aren't old enough to go online yet, otherwise they would of found out my surprise for them! If one of the girls did accidentally let it slip about the bunk beds, I've got lots of other surprises lined up for their stay too!

If I can’t treat my children and grandchildren then who can I treat? I can't really treat myself can I? That’s not really the way treats work is it? I'm always telling Jade (my second eldest daughter) off when she tells me she’s treated herself to a new top or pair of shoes, she’s a single mum and works really hard to give her son the best in life! I say to her you're not treating yourself Jade, you can buy yourself whatever you please!

I must go now, I've got a gypsy tart that needs to go in the fridge, ready for when some friends pop round for tea and cakes tomorrow! Actually that's a little treat to myself I must admit, a nice afternoon with special friends and home made cake!

M x

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Jelly Belly Valentine Sleeve Gift Box & Mr Jelly Belly Dispenser Review

I was recently sent two Jelly Belly products to review and from the moment we opened up the boxes we were spoil't for choice in the vast fabulous array of flavours.
The excitement on my daughters face was magic as she wanted to play with the dispenser & would not even let me touch it, so I said she could help me with the review & be my official taster.

The first Jelly Belly product was a 20 Valentine Sleeve Gift Box 250g size, which makes a great change from the usual box of chocolates that is given to your loved one on Valentines Day.
The box itself is in a gorgeous red, foiled embossed sleeve that's just the ticket for that someone special & Inside you have  20 different flavour assortment beautifully presented in individual compartments.

All the Jelly Belly Beans are:

  • Gelatine Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Fat Free
  • Certified OU Kosher

The second product we were sent to review was a Jelly Belly Toy Dispenser 628g.

This is the newest dispenser on the block in the Jelly Belly Dispenser range. This cute addition has a manual crank mechanism. Press the lever, watch the gears go and out come the beans! This is a must have item for the Jelly Belly fan in your life. A push of Mr. Jelly Belly's handle turns the real working gears and dispenses Jelly Belly beans through the chute. The Mr. Jelly Belly Machine normally comes packed with a small 28g sample bag of beans but Jelly Belly Candy Company want to fill it up from the get go so.....they have included  2x300g 50 Assorted Tie tops which should do the job nicely. The machine when brim full will hold approximately 650g of beans and is 23.5cm high.

My daughter Georgia loved pressing on Mr Jelly Beans Head & watching the Jelly Beans 
come out of the bottom of the dispenser.

Overall we loved both the products but especially the dispenser, we had a great time trying to guess all the wonderful flavours and we even tried making a few of the recipes that comes with the Jelly Beans!

The Valentine Sleeve Gift Box is available to by online and retails from £9.08 and the
 " Mr Jelly Bean Dispenser " is also available online and retails from £38.00 both can be purchased here at