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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Is Over For Another Year

Well, what can I say, another quiet Christmas enjoyed by all, the only difference is, this year it was spent in beautiful Bude on the North coast of Cornwall, where I relocated with my partner of nearly 14 years & my 12 year old Daughter Georgia.

We really did enjoy the peaceful & quaint surroundings as well the lack of traffic, In fact the roads were virtually empty which made a very welcomed change from congested Reading, the town I was born & raised in all my life until 9 months ago.

What can I say, I'm a mother of 4 & I have 3 grandsons, who I miss terribly but am blessed to see every few months or so.

My only son came down from Reading & spent Christmas with us which was lovely, however I think he gained a few pounds after eating loads of Christmas goodies, as well as lots of alcohol, indeed you can safely say without a shadow of a doubt we have all indulged so much that I'm afraid to even step on the scales in case the scales scream "One at a time, Please".

I always approach new year with the same resolutions as the year before, which is too lose weight, get fit & drink less, all of these fail within the first few weeks, my partner is the same but throw in the added resolution of quitting smoking & it becomes a long running joke with us all.

So you can all see a familiar pattern here, as I'm sure we are not the only ones to have made these silly, very traditional statements once midnight strikes & the New Year comes in.
So I'm not even bothering this year to say it, I will just go with the flow & see if I can cut back on everything, after all a little of what we fancy is what life is all about.

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