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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Finding Evening Entertainment.

Taking some time out as a parent isn't always an easy thing to do, it's finding someone you trust and know to look after the children, trusting the children will behave and not play the baby sitter up, and getting your friends to get the same child free night as you, and that's just three potential obstacles that I've just thought of in seconds.

With my three grown up children, I only trusted my parents and their father to look after them when they was younger, and with my youngest, I only have my partner, her father to look after her because we live four hours away from family. I've always said and I always will you can't trust anyone with your children, and I would never take the risk just for some free time!

Instead, once a month, when my daughter is sound asleep in bed, me and my partner get a classic board game out and enjoy thrashing each other just like children all over again. Recently though, we've been getting bored of the same old games, and knowing who's going to win at what game because clearly we know who's the best at certain games!

We've tried a number of other ideas for entertainment, like movie nights but we end up falling asleep on the sofa, which the cat kindly reminds us of as that's her favourite place to sleep! We've tried reading but to be honest, none of us are big reading fans, we read the newspapers every day, but that's about it as far as it goes.

We've tried having a few local friends around once every now and again, which actually wasn't that bad, but now we've moved again and working patterns have changed for our friends, that soon stopped sadly. We have found some success in online gaming with sites like M88, although none of us have yet to win big, enough to stretch to a takeaway but not a lovely new car!

I'm always baking and my partner is always cooking so we've thought about a bake off this month for some entertainment. Our judge will be our daughter and if its all successful, we will repeat this when my three grown up children and grandchildren come down for there yearly holiday to ours, that way we will have more judges and it will seem more like a competition!

Not to blow my own trumpet, but I do make gypsy tart perfectly, not something everyone can do successfully, so I'm just giving my partner a heads up on who's going to win! My older three children love gypsy tart, they're always asking me to send some down in the post, obviously they're kidding, but one of my daughters did ask me to send it by courier specially wrapped up!

Right, I best go, if I've not made you bored and tired already, I will if I carry on!

M x

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