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Thursday, 28 May 2015

5 Ways On How To Save Money.

In today’s day and age, money is getting smaller in terms of value, whilst products become more expensive. My youngest child G is at that age where she thinks I can magic money from my pockets without no value to it, and so it’s become the latest talk of subjects recently. I've always taught my children to try and be wise with their money, and try to make it stretch as far as possible!

After having a good, hour long at least conversation with G earlier, I thought I would share it with my readers and show you how I make my money stretch as far as possible!

Online shopping.

Shopping online is not only easier and quicker than shopping on the high street, but it’s also a lot more cheaper than shopping in the shops! Comparing prices between different retailers is  a lot more easier to do online, but what’s even better is discovering online retailers who sell at a fraction of the cost of their high street competitors, one of my favourite online retailers has to be Just My Look, not only for their excellent prices, but also because of their great range of products!

Sell your unwanted products.

I’m trying to encourage G to start selling anything she doesn't use any more, she’s just recently become a teenager and has boxes of un-played with toys sat under her bed and in the attic. Find local car boot sales and buy a pitch for as cheap as chips, then make the money back that you've spent on the pitch, plus more by selling your old, unused and unwanted products! Alternatively, you can sell on local social media sites, in local newspapers or even by advertising in local shop windows.

Always check out the reduced section when shopping.

Whenever I go food shopping - because I tend to do it online to stop me buying stuff which isn’t needed nor on my list (check out the next paragraph), I always check out each sections reduced section, in the chilled section you’ll normally find yoghurt's which can be frozen, but before they’re frozen, make sure you pop a brand new lolly stick (available to buy for under £1 from craft/cake shops) through the lid before it freezes! Then when it’s frozen, you just peel back the lid and you have a DIY frozen lolly! You can also pick up great pieces of meat and season fruit and veg in the reduced sections, along with bakery products!

Only buy what's on your list!

Going to a supermarket or shop without a list of things that you do need can be a pricey trip if you’re not careful! Supermarkets are especially bad for drawing us in to products by putting a price cut label next to a product, but how much are you actually saving on those tin of beans? Do you really need another tin of beans to accompany the tins you've already got at home in the kitchen cupboard? Write a list before you go shopping and make sure you stick to it!

Make the most of the good weather.

We all have loads of washing to do don't we? Especially households with working people and children in it, such as mine! It doesn't matter how many loads of washing I do, the washing basket is never ever empty! Using the washing machine alone is a small expense, but tumble dryers are even worse! When the weather is nice, try to dry as many clothes on the line as you can! If the weather is not too great, why not pop them on your airer instead? If you've not got a washing line, or access to a garden, clothes airers are sold for as little as £10 and can save a small fortune in electric cost due to tumble drying your clothes!

I’d love to read any tips you have, and hope you find mine helpful.

M x

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