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Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Importance Of Oral Hygiene.

Reading recent news articles about children’s oral hygiene and how many children are being admitted to hospital to have teeth removed has been quite upsetting. As a child, I was taught about the importance of keeping your teeth and I've always encouraged my children to do the same with their teeth.

Understandably it’s not always down to poor oral health hygiene that some oral problems appear from, sometimes through no fault of our own, health problems can occur. I have a dear friend who has the pearliest pearl of white teeth, however she suffers quite bad with gum disease, something that may could've been prevented, but something that can also occur by itself.

I’ve not got the most best of teeth myself, being a smoker for many years of my life until I gave up over 10 years ago has took it’s toll on my mouth, so has all the cups of tea and coffee I've consumed over the years, along with all the sugary snacks thanks to my ‘sweet tooth’. According to The Centre Of Advanced Dentistry Yorkshire the average woman smiles 62 times a day, and with that information, I can tell you now I must not be that average woman.

I'm not embarrassed about my smile, nor am I proud of it, it’s a smile I've got to live with until I win the lottery and can afford a new set of fresh whites! However, the chances of that happening is rather quite small, especially as I don't even always do the lottery, you know what they say you've got to be in it to win it!

My mother always use to say to me when I was a child that dentistry is not expensive, neglect is, and it’s only now that I am in my 40’s myself, and not extremely happy with the set of nashers I have, that I can relate to the quote and why my mother told me it so often. It’s safe to say I've lived life, and have eaten a lot of the wrong types of food over the years, I even went through a stage of drinking three cans of cola a week, something which is not good for your teeth at all!

If I could go back in life, I think I’d live a Willy Wonka lifestyle, before he was a factory owner of course, he had the most perfect of teeth due to his strict dentist father being extremely strict on what kind of food and drink he put into his mouth!

They do say a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear, and so I think it’s time I start making myself more pretty, I'm going to start wearing my smile, and be proud of the smile I have got! Remember dental hygiene is equally as important as body hygiene, it’s not something you should ever forget, if you do pull that old chestnut of an excuse on a few too often basis, why not try leaving a note in the bathroom somewhere, you use the toilet every morning and before you go to bed surely?

There’s never no excuse to look after your smile!

M x

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