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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Treating My Special Loved Ones!

It will soon be the school summer holidays for children in England and I for one am extremely looking forward to them approaching! I've got a countdown calendar on my laptop and phone screen letting me know exactly how many days it is until the holidays start. I'm not excited because I am a older learner who’s at college or university, I think I've done everything I can education wise over the years attending various courses all over the country, I'm excited because I get to see my two daughters and my three grandsons in the summer holidays, one of the very few times a year I get to see them, and they get to see me.

It wasn't the easiest of decisions moving to Cornwall a few years ago, four hours away from my hometown Reading, not that I miss the town I was raised in at all, but I do miss my small family, especially my children and grandchildren! For many years, I had enough of Reading, but living here in Cornwall makes me a much happier person, and everyone notices it. It’s not just me who’s happier being here too, it’s also my partner and our child, my youngest child who’s 13!

My older three children who live in Reading still, Jamie (aged 22), Jade (aged 25) and Paula (aged 30) love coming down here whenever they can, and so does my grandchildren, Jade has one son and Paula has two! Jamie is yet to become a daddy, but I'm sure when he does his child/children will love it down here just as much as the others do! It’s a free holiday for them, they've not got to fork out on accommodation or food, entertainment or anything else you may pay out for on a holiday, they just need to get here which cost a little bit of petrol money!

On there way to see Nanny! A four hour drive!
Back at the beginning of the year, I moved homes to a smaller property than the one I was in before, and now the summer holidays are fast approaching, I've been trying to mentally picture where everyone will be sleeping when they come down for their stay! I then come across a lovely selection of childrens beds from room to grow and thought I would surprise the grandchildren with not one, but two sets of bunk beds for when they come down and visit their nanny!

I miss my children and grandchildren dearly, I know my girls are going to tell me off when they see the surprises I got for them too, but I couldn't help it! I'm lucky enough that the children aren't old enough to go online yet, otherwise they would of found out my surprise for them! If one of the girls did accidentally let it slip about the bunk beds, I've got lots of other surprises lined up for their stay too!

If I can’t treat my children and grandchildren then who can I treat? I can't really treat myself can I? That’s not really the way treats work is it? I'm always telling Jade (my second eldest daughter) off when she tells me she’s treated herself to a new top or pair of shoes, she’s a single mum and works really hard to give her son the best in life! I say to her you're not treating yourself Jade, you can buy yourself whatever you please!

I must go now, I've got a gypsy tart that needs to go in the fridge, ready for when some friends pop round for tea and cakes tomorrow! Actually that's a little treat to myself I must admit, a nice afternoon with special friends and home made cake!

M x

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