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Thursday, 6 August 2015

How to Solve Your Parental Problems with a Mobile Monitoring app

Many parents fear that tracking their kid’s activities would bring in rivalry and retaliation. This is a scary world and you can let your children on their own. However, you don’t really have to be physically with them all time. It’s not only impossible but can also be annoying for the kids.

Let’s say your 13 year old son wants to go out cycling with his friends. How would you know about his whereabouts? If he was carrying a smartphone, then there is a lot you can do with a mobile monitoring app. You can access their smartphone with live GPS tracking with something like XNSPY.

Is Smartphone Monitoring Effective?

Yes, if you are considering something like XNSPY, which is powerful, effective and accurate. It’s a software that can be installed in your kid’s smartphone. You can do that by downloading the app from their website. Also, you will need physical access to your kid’s smartphone for a minute or two, that’s how long it takes for installation. You child cannot uninstall the app from the phone without your permission. Nor can they deactivate the XNSPY’s services from their cell phone.

What Features Does XNSPY Offer

You get a complete GPS tracking experience like Real-time location tracking, location history and Geo-fencing with this smartphone monitoring app. What you will find very amazing is the last feature, which can help you restrict your kids from going into inappropriate places. Any place that you consider is not safe or right for them, you can mark it unauthorized on the map. The rest can be left as ‘safe areas’.

XNSPY’s cell phone monitoring app can also be used to monitor certain features of the target smartphone. It can lock the device, wipe stored data or can be used to send certain commands onto the device.

What’s very amazing is that it can access every tiny bit of information from the smartphones. Calls and SMS tracker allows you to track their calls and SMS conversations. IM chats from Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line and Skype are also accessible with complete contacts’ details and time tags.

If you think your teen use emails a lot for communicating, you can also track them. You can totally rely on XNSPY’s mobile monitoring app