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Friday, 30 October 2015

Making Plans for Christmas 2016!

Christmas 2015 is less than two months away now, so it may come as a shock to some that I am already planning for Christmas 2016 already! I can reassure you all, that I am not mad, however I am being sane and thinking of the possibilities that could arrive without warning! Plus, surely it's better to be prepared instead of leaving it for next year!?

Saving up a few pounds a week in a money jar you keep in the house somewhere might be a good idea, but if one day you're finding yourself short for that particular week, it's easy to raid the piggy bank, promise to replace it, but fail too. We've all done it, and that is why now, I only save 1ps and 2ps in a money jar!

Instead, once a week, I top up mine and my partners prepaid cards knowing I have no spare pounds lying around in my purse. Some of you may read this and think you'll only go and spend the money on the cards, however, I actually don't do this. All year round, I act like I don't have the cards, and then wait until nearer to Christmas before I start to use them.

This year, I also started buying saving stamps and saving on a card for my local supermarkets, every time I get my shopping, I buy one or two stamps, priced at a pound each, and add them to the collection, for the other supermarket, I round up my shopping plus a pound and add that to my savings card. For example, if my shopping comes to £36.23 I'll add £1.77 to my savings card, making the total of the shop £38.

In January, I am planning to hit the shops for wrapping paper and christmas card sales, as well as any present's I can pick up! As long as they're not food presents, why shouldn't they last until next year? The answer is obvious, they can and will last, and what's more, is they won't cost the full price!

Of course, sales happen all year round, so I'm hoping to pick up bits all year round, and hopefully make Christmas a little less stressful for myself!

M x

Our Latest Cruise Plans.

If you've started following me on YouTube you'll know that it's no secret that I love cruises, and have always dreamed of going on a cruise all my life. Now I am nearing to the middle age in life, I'm hoping to make my dreams a reality and get on a cruise ship to discover the beautiful sea's! We've done the Norfolk broads, but it wasn't on a cruise ship, and it wasn't getting to see the beautiful sea!

My older children never see a fascination in a cruise ship when they was younger, and to respect and protect their happiness, we never went on one. However, now my three other children are grown up, with two of them having families of themselves, and it only being me, my partner and youngest daughter at home, we've been grabbing every cruise brochure we can get our hands on, and began planning our dreams!

Many people think you're stuck on a cruise, with not a lot to do, however, there is plenty to do on cruises, both on board, and off! For example, my partner and daughter would love to play golf in Bali when we'd arrive at the Bali port, and I'd love to stop at a local market, picking up a handmade ornament for my mum.

There's of course a lot more to do than shopping, which is what I know my oldest daughters would love the most, there's the history of the places you'd visit, the local traditions, the diversity and differences between what we love, and without backpacking around the world, which is not an option of mine, a cruise is a two in one for places I'd love to visit.

There are some amazing cruise ships out there, ones that hold thousands of people and ones that could carry over 100 double decker buses they're that big! I imagine us being on our very own floating island, with shops, bars and even a swimming pool! Entertainment for the children, adults and ones for the whole family!

We'd get to have a rest from cooking as the cruises chefs would cook our dinners every day, and as for cleaning, there wouldn't be any, what a lovely break it would be! Talking about cleaning, I better get off and clean up the kitchen, me and the youngest have been making chocolate brownies all day for the trick or treaters! They do it much differently here in Cornwall, youngest loves it!

M x