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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Time Out For Parents, The Reality Side To It!

Taking time out for yourself can be difficult when you're a parent, yet so many experts claim it's a must, we must have a break, we must have some time for ourselves, we must have at least an hour to ourselves a week and so on. Sometimes, I wonder what planets these experts live on!? Do they live on earth, because it seems much more likely that they live on mars!

You see, me, my partner and youngest daughter live four hours away from the rest of our family, and even when we lived closer to them, my youngest daughter never wanted to be away from us, she would be happy to take a trip to town with my eldest daughters, but only because she knew there was something in it for her, like a new game or toy!

So yes, having a break is not always easy, I'm lucky that I have my partner, but what about those single parents, the ones who have no one!? What can they do!? Luckily, me and my partner are able to enjoy some adult alone time together, we mainly go with the option of watching a film, but at our age, its rare for us to both stay awake at the same time, it's not often we see the credits rolling together, one of us has normally fallen asleep by then!

One activity we do like to enjoy together is games, neither of us are keen on Monopoly due to the time it takes to complete, and if it means packing up, and leaving the game until another day, none of us are in the mood to finish it! One type of game we're both fond of is free games on slot sites, we're both competitive and both try our hardest to be the biggest of winners, without parting with a penny!

When my children and grandchildren come to visit us, our entertainment is rather different, my daughters have various apps on their phones, and my grandchildren love to get nanny involved, they show me hilarious video's and make me sing songs that they can convert my voice on, if I didn't sound like a drowned cat already, my grandchildren have these brilliant apps that have different sound effects!

We also all chip in and order a big massive chinese, followed by some goodies for both the children and adults. Myself and my partner aren't big drinkers, but when my older children come down, they always treat their mum to a bottle of wine, it might last me all week, but it's lovely to enjoy a drink with them!

I offer to look after my grandchildren so my daughters and their partners can go out and check the local nightlight, but with only two pubs and one club in the town, they're often back by 9pm, and then we catch up on the soaps if we've not already watched them, and if that isn't entertainment, there is always a pack of playing cards laying about.

Having fun isn't all about fancy dates and luxurious holidays, I want people to know that it's okay to not have these things. My date nights always include my youngest daughter, and my entertainment is always with my family, or by myself. Life isn't about the fancy things, but instead the things and people that make you happy!

M x